amy lovera
I met him online.It was a bit awkward at first.But now we get on quite nicely.In the mornings in our breakfast room and the dinner table, we discuss politics.He knows a lot of the world, on account of his seasonal migrations.It came to our attention that a Wal-Mart was being built in our area.  We were not pleased.Together we wrote two-hundred and thirty seven letters to the CEO.We recieved no response.We decided to investigate.Drats!  It's like they built it overnight!Better luck next time...
Absurd times call for absurd measures. The girl & bird detective co. is a reaction to a sense of inefficacy I have felt both in myself and in the nation at large. Blurring the boundaries between biography and fiction, I allow an imaginary figure to enter my life, a catalyst which pushes toward my braver self. In an effort to awaken the childhood idealist within the complacent adult, I evoke heroines from juvenile literature, transforming my mild mannered self into a super-sleuth.