amy lovera
Handmade Awakenings: Gabrielle
video, 4:34
The doctor looked at my nose and suspected that I had a rare autoimmune disease.I felt like I was crawling out of my skin.It’s a hard thing to think about when you’re fourteen years old.
This project began with my interest in visualizing the true stories of people within my community. A fourteen year old girl named Gabrielle told me about the difficulty of being diagnosed with a rare vascular disease upon entering high school. She tells a tale of self assurance and empowerment despite the hardships of her illness and the strange spontaneous nosebleeds that are its symptom.

This was a collaborative effort. Gabrielle and I conducted several interviews, made sketches, photographs and discussed her representation. The animation is created from cut-paper puppets made from photographs, then animated through several layers of glass to create depth.