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Latent wishesDr. Ida Hopewell lecturing on her discovery.

(Live performance at the RISD Museum)Dr. Ida Hopewell conducting field researchCommon tools of the botanistThe Spotted Touch Me Not (Jewelweed)Taraxacum officionale (the common dandilion) as compared to the "false dandilion"Florance Hopewell, Ida's mother before she went missing in 1910A page from Florence's horticultural journal, where Ida first discovers her mother's writing on the properties of dandelionsFlorence Hopewell in her greenhouse, circa 1909The delicate pappus structure acts like a parachute but is also the key ingredient in determining wish conductivityFlorence HopewellThe rare Taraxacum GigantusFlorence Hopewell with Ida as a babyFlorence HopewellEmpirical evidence: a wish as seen through an electron microscopeLife Cycle
The Anatomy of Wishes, is an investigation into memory, longing and the taxonomy of wish-making.

Famed 19th century botanist, Dr. Ida Hopewell, has discovered the illusive property inherent to dandelions that allows wishes to come true. Performing as Ida, I attempt to empirically prove the physical existence of wishes.